Monday, December 17, 2012

Easiest Holiday Dessert Ever: M&M Rolo Pretzels

As Christmas draws near, I have found myself searching through all of my cookbooks for a new cookie recipe to make as gifts for colleagues and friends. Though that search is still ongoing (I have less than 24 hours to figure that out...), I decided to throw together one of the easiest Holiday desserts that my mom and I have been making for over 5 years.

M&M Rolo Pretzels
What do you need? ...literally M&Ms, Rolos, and Pretzels... and an oven, a cookie sheet, and some parchment paper.

The first thing I always do is unwrap all of the rolos in the bag and put them into a bowl. This is the most time consuming task of the whole process. Usually takes about 10 minutes to unwrap them all, so I plop myself in front of the tv and watch a Christmas special...or catch up on Up All Night :) When you're ready to start, preheat your oven to Broil. Leave the oven open a crack, so it doesn't get too hot in there.

Next lay out the pretzels on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Be sure to lay them out so that they are not overlapping and are all lying flat. This year I chose to use Christmas themed pretzels, but regular pretzels work just as well!

Once all of the pretzels are spread out on your parchment paper, place the Rolos neatly on each individual pretzel. Make sure the Rolo is steady because they have a tendency to tip over in the oven.

Once all of your Rolos are standing tall, place the cookie sheet in the oven and set the timer for 2 minutes. Don't forget to keep the oven door ajar. Be warned...these bad boys melt QUICKLY. I literally stand in front of the oven and watch to make sure that nothing is burning or caramelizing. A tell tale sign is when one or two of the Rolos start to tip over. That means they are melty enough not to stand on their own. You don't want the Rolos to get crispy on the top, so pull the tray out if you notice that starting to occur.


...After. As you can see, a few of the Rolos did tip over, but that's ok! It's super easy to use an M&M to push the melty Rolo back onto the pretzel. You need to act pretty quickly pushing M&Ms into each individual Rolo before the candies start to harden back up.

Melty goodness.

And that's it! You now have a tray full of chocolatey, caramely, salty deliciousness to share with your family and friends. Let these little morsels set over night on your kitchen counter, or for a quicker set, you can pop these into the fridge for a few hours. I wouldn't recommend taking them off of the parchment paper until they are entirely set, as you will most likely leave some of that gooey chocolate behind, and believe won't want to do that.

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