Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday, Girls' Night Edition

Welcome to another installation of What I Ate Wednesday! So happy to join the party this week over at Peas and Crayons.

Let's face it, living at home after college kind of sucks sometimes. Yes there are a lot of perks like groceries, a clean house, family, and your own bedroom, but despite all of that good stuff, I really love the opportunity to get away and do something fun with friends on the weekends. I am so lucky to have a group of best girl friends from high school that are living at home as well. Our favorite thing to do is go out, get drinks, and gossip chat! And last weekend, we decided to be "grown ups" and head to Rittenhouse Square for dinner and drinks before starting our night out!

I started my day with a typical jar of overnight oats... except all my mason jars were dirty, and I had juuuuust enough yogurt in my big Oikos container to make the overnight oats. I decided to be sustainable and just make my oats right in the big container. Yum.

Lunch was purchased at Jharoka, the cafe at my office.

It is the "Mediterranean Wrap," and it is delicious. Whole wheat wrap with hummus, quinoa, spring mix, tomatoes, and lemon thyme dressing. So light and refreshing. The perfect lunch during the work day.

Gorgeous but SOO hot. 105 degrees. Insane.
My friends took the train downtown, and I picked them up after work. We headed over to El Rey in Rittenhouse Square per my manager's recommendation. It was mobbed! We put our name in, did a little shopping at Free People, and headed back to claim our table.

Haha personality pic? Just kiddinggg Lauren!
First thing we needed wanted was drinks! My manager recommended the frozen pineapple margaritas, and boy was I glad she did. We all agreed that they were phenomenal. One of my favorite margaritas definitely.  Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pics of the amazing chips and pico de gallo on account of 4 starving girls devouring them all before I realized. Welp, they were gooooood.

I ordered the Zucchini Blossom and Corn Quesadilla. It was so fresh and authentic. I could actually taste the corn in the corn tortilla. Simply decadent.

Lauren ordered the Chicken Tacos. How cute, right?

Megan ordered the Chicken Enchilladas. Part of her marg got in the pic!

 And Susy got the Chicken Quesadilla. Fresh guac on the side there. We were all fully satisfied and impressed by our dinners.

After we ate every last bite, we were stuffed. We walked around Rittenhouse a bit before heading to the Continental for drinks.

I love Philadelphia.
The Continental is a fusion restaurant known for its eclectic atmosphere and amazing drinks. The girls all ordered a variety of drinks, so we had the opportunity to sample a good amount of the cocktail menu.

Megan got a Pomargarita  (my favorite of all of the drinks) which is basically a pomegranate martini with tequila instead of gin. Cuervo silver tequila, pomegranate cordial, and fresh lime juice come together to create the perfect blend of sweet and tequila. It was so smooth and delicious.

A bunch of us ordered the Champagne-O-Rama which is smirnoff rasperry vodka and sparkling wine with a grenadine-sugar-rimmed glass (as stated on the menu). I was not a huge fan simply because I do not like rasperry vodka. This drink was also SO strong. My friends were prettyyy giggly after these guys.

Lauren orderd the Twizzle which is smirnoff citrus vodka, strawberry puree, and lemon. Garnished with a super cute licorice wheel. This drink tasted JUST like a skittle!! I think they should rethink the name....! It was so yummy but so sweet. I could only have a few sips. I will stick to the Pomargarita next time, but it was so fun trying different drinks! We felt very grown up... don't we look it?

So very Sex and the City.

"THESE PICTURES ARE TURNING OUT AWESOME" -Lauren after a few cocktails :)
After playing downtown, we headed back to my college to visit with some of my friends who were in for the weekend. Such a wonderful night with all of my friends! Tomorrow I will be recapping my most recent trip to Boston... Stay tuned :)

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