Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW: Fall backs

Normally I don't write too much on WIAW... butttttt I haven't blogged in a few days, so here goes a quick venting sesh. Feel free to scroll right on down to the food!

Have you ever been eating really well, and then you make one bad move at one meal and everything goes awry? That happened to me last week. I was doing SO well with the whole vegan thing, and then I went out to dinner on Friday and didn't want to be annoying and ask about every ingredient that was in the side dish I ordered, so out it came. Covered in parmesan cheese. I'm cheap and didn't want to waste the money, so I ate it anyway. It wasn't even very good (how good can polenta be at Bertucci's anyway) and I felt like crap for the rest of the night. I figured since I felt like crap and messed up at dinner, I might as well continue my bad streak. Womppp womp. Poor decision there. Let's just say my weekend nights reflected a lot of chocolate caramels and brownie brittle. My body was not happy. Woke up with a processed food "hangover" Saturday morning. I tried to make things better that day, had a healthy lunch of an egg white ratoutille omlette at Parc in Philly with some wheat sourdough bread (avoided the butter!), but yet again when I got home, I had that awful feeling that I effed up the night before so I deserve to feel like crap again. Back to the brownie brittle and caramels I went. Stayed up until 4:30am watching "L.A. Complex" on hulu. Slept til 1pm on Sunday. WOOF. Sunday was a good day, though. Ate well all around, with the exception of a piece of birthday cake for my cousin's 19th birthday. It was worth it to celebrate her bday with her, though. 

Needless to say, my stomach was NOT happy with me by end of day Sunday. But I feel that I have redeemed myself thus far this week. Back on the "vegan" track, and feeling great (I say "vegan" because twice I have eaten egg whites when out for brunch for an extra protein boost). Back at the gym as well! Feels amazing to have those endorphines flowinnnnn.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting this week's party.

These have been my go-to eats and products that I'm loving this week and last:

Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes- I "veganized" my old version of these pancakes using 2 chia eggs instead of egg whites, and I added pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice as well. Even more amazing and delicious than my first version. LOVE.

Veggie Sushi!- This is a super exciting new go-to for me, having just tried sushi last month. Wegmans actually makes deliciousss veggie sushi. I wasn't a huge fan of the ginger wrapped version, but it was all still good, nonetheless!

Edamame- So easy to just pop into the microwave or a skillet to heat up. I also tried these for the first time last month. I swear my entire outlook on vegan possibilities has changed because of all these new foods I keep trying!

Vegan Frozen Burgers- Super easy and quick lunch at work. I brought a whole box to keep in my office freezer in case I don't have time to make a fresh lunch in the morning!

Chia Seeds- An everyday staple, especially now for baking purposes.

Lite Silk Soy Milk- favorite brand so far. It's delicious, light, and tastes just like milk. All around win.

Sabra Hummus To Go- I found this at a Jersey rest stop on Sunday. What a perfect snack for a long car ride! Only complaint, it cost $4.27.... I could have purchased almost 2 whole tubs of hummus for that much, but hey that's what you pay for convenience!

Starbucks Holiday Cups!!!- I was SO freaking excited to see these at the 'Bucks on Sunday when I ordered my Grande Soy Latte! I love holiday themed things. I can't wait to start listening to Christmas music and go Christmas shopping!

I have also been searching for an acorn squash recipe for the past few days and stumbled across these:
Roasted Acorn Squash
Roasted Acorn Squash with Penne (I would omit the pancetta)
Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash
Check back tomorrow to see which recipe I chose!

What have been your go-to healthy foods lately?
Do you ever get stuck in a pattern of bad eating?
What do you do to get yourself back on track?


  1. Girl, I totally know what you mean - one really bad day, and I feel all out of sync with my body! Good for you for getting back on track!!

  2. mmmm starbucks red cups + sushi!
    love your sheep mug too..its so cute!

  3. Mhmm, I love pancakes for breakfast! Great way to start the day. My healthy go-to food right now is fruit (always!), smoothies, protein brownies (recipe on my blog) and mixed nuts. :)