Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WIAW: TJoe's and On the Go's

Happy Wednesday!! This has been a weird week for me thus far, but I'm going to roll with it. I was out sick on Monday because of an allergic reaction to walnuts that I had on Sunday night that landed me in the hospital... just a typical day in the life of me, but more on that another day. Let's talk WIAW! As always and forever, thank yous to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting the bloggy partayyy.

What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

I wish I could stick to theme this week and post tons of awesome healthy Holiday recipes, but I just haven't felt in the Christmas spirit for a while...anyone else feeling that way? Maybe it's the weird weather...who knows. I did, however, whip up some super easy Holiday treats Monday night for the girls at work.

Check out this quicky how-to, so you can make them for your friends and family this Holiday season. I've been on the hunt for a simple but delicious Holiday cookie to make for my managers, but chances are I will just make my favorite go-to cookie/bar recipe Healthy Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Bars made vegan with a chia egg instead of a regular egg. They're just so good and easy to make, they're hard to pass up.

In other news, I should not be allowed to go to Trader Joe's...ever. My mom asked me if I wanted to take a ride with her to the store... $70 later we barely made it out of there.

You're welcome Madre. You're welcome. Doubt I will be invited for a grocery run anytime soon, but that's not discouraging me from sharing these awesome goodies with all of you! Favorite call outs from this foodie stock pile: Luna Bars (the only way I get a breakfast some days), edamame (super easy protein source to throw onto salads or have on the side with dumplings or sushi), Multigrain Pita Bite Crackers (they're just plain good), Organic Pumpkin (always need a can on hand...you never know when you may need some), and a few more....

Chicken-Less Pulled Chicken- ummmm AMAZING. BBQ Pulled Pork is the ONE SINGLE DISH that I crave as a vegetarian. I know it's absurd and random, but I just can't smell that sweet barbeque-y goodness without wanting to dive right on in. You can imagine my excitement when I found this gem of a dish in the prepared vegetarian foods section of my local TJ's. And it's delishhh. Better than I expected :)

And with 240 Calories, 4 grams of Fat, and 34 grams of Protein to boot....where can you go wrong? Make it a meal with a slice of multigrain sourdough and a side salad, and call it a night.

Mini Cafe Twists- A hidden gem in TJ's if you ask me. No dairy, no butter, no eggs... whaaat? A deliciously decadent vegan treat?! Yes my friends, these flaky, cinnamony, sugary treats are vegan and absolutely divine. I have to display some serious self restraint when it comes to these bad boys. It is difficult NOT to eat the entire box in one sitting.

So this is a totally random WIAW post, but I wanted to share some of my recent essentials slash obsessions have been. First of all, when it comes to Holiday shopping you need to have energy (and lots of it), and you need to stay hydrated. This photo was taken before an Urban Outfitters sample sale that my cousin and I went to recently. Believe me, we needed it all. Cliff bars give you a boost of energy and keep you full for a good amount of time since they are packed with protein and fiber. They are always my go to breakfast/snack if I am on the go.

And coffee, of course. Literally I do not think I could make it through a single day without some form of caffeine. My latest obsession has been a cup of regular coffee with one shot of espresso, unsweetened soy milk, a dash of pumpkin pie spice, and a sprinkle of truvia. Divine comfort in a mug.

I've also been very much obsessed with brussel sprouts. Check out my Friendsgiving post to see my favorite way to cook these bad boys (hint...lotsa gah-lickkk!)

Bulmer got to visit with Santa this past Sunday and tell him everything that he wants for Christmas. Though I didn't hear his wishes I'm guessing....sneakers to chew on, fluffy toys to rip stuffing out of, black lacey thongs (his favorite these days...), and some good ole' yak bones. But those are just guesses, who knows what's goin on in that little pup's head :)


  1. If I hadn't known any better I would have said that those twists were chicken legs. Haha. They look much better knowing what they really are though :)

    And I think my mom regrets taking me to the grocery store every week :)

    That Brussels sprout stalk is HUGE! The Smart Kitchen has a similar one on her blog today too. Haha.

    1. Haha no not chicken legs. Omg too ironic! I love The Smart Kitchen and checked out her post right after I saw your comment. I wish I was as inventive as her though...

  2. Woooow those Cafe Twists look so yummy! I wish I had a Trader Joe's around here! And your puppy is just adorable!

    1. You are missing out on the TJ's front, though I'm also a huge Wegmans and Whole Foods fan. I hope you get to enjoy those amazing food meca's near your house! And thanks, he's a handful, but we love him to pieces :)

  3. That puppy is soo stupid cute!!
    You may have to go back to trader's tho- you forgot the meatless balls!! They're vegan, and frozen, have like 14g protein in a few of them and are cheaper than most other meatless products. Oh, and i adore their tempeh, also vegan high protein- great cubed for a quick stirfry. Obvs im a huge fan too... :)

    1. Ummm I'm actually obsessed with the meatless meatballs from Trader Joe's. Literally ate them EVERY single day this week. Hands down the best vegetarian prepared food I've had thus far in life. They make a good tempeh too. I made a mean bbq tempeh last week with it. I'm going to post the recipe soon :)