Sunday, June 24, 2012

Manayunk Arts Festival

On Saturday I went to the Manayunk Arts Festival!

It is located on Main Street in Manayunk. They shut the street down for two days, and over 300,000 collectors, buyers, and designers come from across the country to showcase and sell their work!

It was a gorgeous day, barely any clouds in the sky, but the sun was sooo hot. Unfortunately most of the vendors wouldn't allow photos to be taken, so most of my photos had to be sneaky ;) Nobody sue me!!

When we got there (after taking like 4 wrong highways to get there) we were pretty thirsty and really wanted something sweet and refreshing. Freshly made lemonade was a great treat!

After walking around for a few hours in the heat, my friend and I were tired, hot and HUNGRY. All of the restaurants had rented tent space and pulled tables outside, so we were able to still enjoy the weather while we ate lunch. We were both feeling Mexican food, so we chose Cactus. I ordered the Veggie Burrito, and
my friend ordered the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich.

It was so delicious and definitely hit the spot!

My burrito:

and my friend's sandwich:

and we needed to hydrate A LOT.

After lunch, we explored a bit more. I bought an ADORABLE leash for Bulmer. I have been searching all over for some kind of Irish themed collar and leash, and I finally found one!! I will post pictures of Bulmer in action wearing his new handsome collar and leash later this week. My friend bought a really cute tank top from Duke & Winston, a clothing company inspired by the founder's english bulldog. It's a super cute idea, and the graphics are quirky and creative. Visit their website here!
Finally after a long day of shopping, eating, and walking, we were ready to head home, but not before taking a few more pictures!

All in all a fantastic Saturday afternoon!

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