Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday...

Happy Hump Day!! We are officially half way through the week, and halfway to the weekend! Bloggers across the country have been partaking in "What I Ate Wednesday" each and every week. Each Wednesday, I have always browsed through random blogs in awe of people's creative dinners and exciting breakfasts. Since getting my new camera, I have been snapping pictures left and right of everything under the sun, including what I have been eating!! Soooo I am officially participating in WIAW :) Click the link before to see what other bloggers have brought to the party!

Peas and Crayons

 Since this is my first official WIAW, I am not really going to stick to the theme of "Sensible Snacking" (Sorry Jenn!). This is more of just a random assortment of food and goodies from the past week (read- an exhaustive post of pictures of food because I want to empty my memory card...)

 Iced Coffee!! Every morning MUST start with an iced coffee for the commute to the office and another iced coffee when I get to work (sorry I'm not sorry that I will actually fall asleep on the keyboard if I do not consume AT LEAST this much caffeine in the morning...it may have already happened once or twice when I was an intern...I have since learned better!)  This is Starbucks Blonde Roast with skim milk and two truvia packets.

Overnight Oats
This was my first time making Overnight Oats. These were made with a package of Raw Oats, strawberries, vanilla greek yogurt, skim milk, cinnamon, and all natural strawberry jam, all mixed together in a tupperware and thrown in the fridge overnight. I had read countless blogs raving about this seemingly simple breakfast, but never had the motivation to try it until a friend of mine made it and LOVED it. So obviously, I HAD to try it. Verdict: ...interesting. To be honest not what I was expecting. It was a texture not quite like oatmeal but not quite like yogurt either. Must have liked them enough though because I made them the next day:

These were much better! Same combo as before but I added in blueberries (that I had picked myself the weekend prior) this time around. I knew that this breakfast was definitely going to become a regular occurrence :)
Breakfast Sunday morning: Vans Waffle topped with organic greek vanilla yogurt and all natural strawberry jam. DELICIOUS and held off my hunger perfectly until lunch with my mom at Harvest...but more on that later.

Lunch for work: Organic spring mix, grilled peppers, onions, and squash, corn from the cobb, cottage cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic right before eating.

Another work lunch: Organic spring mix, guacamole from whole foods (AMAZING), salsa, feta, and leftover grilled veggies. I put the veggies and their marinade in the bottom of the tupperware so my lettuce didn't get too soggy.

Snack for work:  Fat free cottage cheese, cinnamon, and organic grapes
Come 3:30 I am always a bit hungry again, so I try to remember to pack a snack to bring to work (this also prevents me from ravaging the cupboards, starved with no sense of what I am consuming, when I get home from work at 6:30 and haven't eaten in 6 hrs.... it's like a prevention snack!) 

Another Snack for work: Organic vanilla greek yogurt, cinnamon, grapes, and low fat apple granola from Whole Foods (sooo yummy!)

And lastly I finish just about everyday with frozen greek yogurt, usually topped with strawberries and a handful of Annie's bunnies (gluten free snickerdoodles please!!). My favorite brand of the frozen greek yogurt is Adonia, but Stonyfield is good as well. Not only does frozen greek yogurt taste as good as ice cream, but it has all the added benefits of being greek yogurt..PROTEIN. Adonia Frozen Greek Yogurt has 9 grams of protein per serving...so yes, I will have a second bowl ;)

...great now I am in bed craving ALL of the above, which means BEDTIME!! Have an awesome Wednesdayy!!


  1. salad topped with cottage cheese and balsamic vinegar is my new obsession! great minds!

    1. soo good! i literally put balsamic on everyyyything :) thanks for commenting!