Friday, August 17, 2012

Feelings About the Weekend

Happy Friday! Whooooo's excited for the weekend?!

     ...Not me. I don't know what it is this week, but I just am not really excited for my plans this weekend. I am heading out to Johnstown, PA to visit one of my really good friends from college. I love her sooo much, and she is so much fun...but for some reason I'm not as amped up about the trip as I thought I would be. Maybe it's because I have a 4 hour drive out to see her...or maybe it's because I have had kind of an off week...or maybe I really just need a weekend to myself to RELAX.

     It's been weeks since I've been able to just take my time getting up and relaxing with a cup of coffee, perusing blogs/pinterest, while catching up on my summer tv shows... (Newsroom and Rookie Blue). Then taking the afternoon to head to my local orchard to pick peaches and shop the farmers market to find new and exciting foods. Finally, settling down in the evening to make a peach crisp or cobbler, and sit on the deck reading a new book while I wait for my sweet treat to bake.

     Instead, my mom's college roommate is staying with us this weekend with her kids, so we are entertaining again. Don't get me wrong...I love playing hostess, but we did it last weekend for 4 days. It. Is. Exhausting. And that was with family! Nonetheless, it will be nice to meet my mom's roommate whom she speaks of so highly. 
Bulmer just wants to hang on the deck too....
     The thing is....none of my "wishlist" would probably happen if I were going to be home the whole weekend with no company anyway! I'm sure I would get side tracked, or sleep in too late, or lose motivation to bake and buy a pie instead ;)

      I'm working on seizing opportunites and planning trips or scheduling events for myself and my friends. And this is one of those times. I am going to have SO much fun when I get there, I know that for sure.

So I need to stop thinking the grass is always greener, suck it up, drive out to see her, and enjoy myself!

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...and I think I will do just that :)

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