Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: A Week of Eats

Hello helllo! Welcome back to yet another episode of What I Ate Wednesday, featuring the quirky and talented Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, and staring bloggers across the globe!!

Peas and Crayons

Today is the day. The day that food bloggers wait for each week to entertain their curiosity. Curiosity of the daily lives of their fellow bloggers. This curiosity is satisfied by peaking into a day of their eats!! I am obsessed with WIAW, and eagerly anticipate Wednesday mornings when I wake up and see hundreds of posts linked up to Jenn's site and get click through them all!!

Bulmer waits eagerly for WIAW just as eagerly as he waits for a treat :)
I have discovered so many new ways of cooking, baking, and combining foods just because of WIAW. So, thank you to Jenn, and thank you to all of YOU!! Where would I be without WIAW? Bored. I would be bored, and my daily eats would be boring. And on that note.... here is what you are all here to see, some fabulous breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts from the past week!

Overnight Oats topped with fresh Organic Strawberries. Refreshing and delicious on a hot, humid August morning. God, I just cannot wait until fall. Enough of the heat! I can't wait until my breakfasts are steamy bowls of oats with HOT coffee!

Cereal Mix without cinnamon and with cinnamon. I had it both ways last week. These bowls include Kashi Heart to Heart. Trader Joe's Organic Raisin Bran Clusters, Banana, Truvia, Cinnamon, and Skim Milk.

Lunch of spring mix topped with quinoa, tomato, feta, avocado, and basil hummus.

Similar salad to my lunch the day before, but this spring mix is topped with a greater portion of quinoa, leftover whole wheat rotini, tomato, and basil hummus.

 Saturday brunch of a breakfast quesadilla with toasted cheesy goodness on the outside and then filled with a fried egg and Sargento reduced fat mexican blend cheese. Guac and salsa served on the side!

Ital-eek Bruschetta....I call it that because I used all of the classic ingredients for Italian Bruschetta (tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper), but then I add feta cheese into the mix which adds some greek flavor to the dish. This was an absolutely lovely combo. I will be posting a full recipe tomorrow, so stop back by and check it out!!

Snack Attack!! Granola, Raisins, and Dark Chocolate all mixed up for a gorgeous little mid afternoon treat :)

 Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies. I made these bad boys Sunday and have been savoring them all week long. Click here to see the recipe and to read about how I am obsessed with Joy the Baker! Lovely spiced cookie. Probably more appropriate in the Fall/Winter, but delicious nonetheless.

Italian Pasta Dinner. Also made Sunday for my parents anniversary :) You can find my recipe by clicking here! It was yummy and wholesome.

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic Wednesday!! I leave you with a gorgeous sunset in Philly from last weekend, and a few questions :)

What Fall foods are you most excited for?
Do your lunch time salads start to look the same?
What types of different cuisines have you mixed together? Was it a success?


  1. I am checking out those cookies right now. the look (and sound) just perfect!

  2. Everything looks & sounds delicious! Loving the sweet potato choc. chip cookie recipe! I really need to try it out :)

  3. Your puppy is adorable and those cookies look so good!

  4. Fall foods: pumpkin, although I've already cheated and have been eating it all summer :)

    My lunch time salads always look the same. Lettuce, cucumbers. Sometimes grapes, rice or carrots if the dining halls carries them. BORING.

    I've mixed mexican and italian together for a mexican pizza casserole.

    1. I am sooo excited to eat pumpkin EVERYTHING. Good for you for eating it in the summertime. For some reason, I just need it to be a chilly, crisp autumn day in order to devour a pumpkin treat.

      Your casserole seems like it would be right up my alley...what's in it?!

  5. wow that pasta and those cookies look so yummy!! And I want your dog!! He looks like a puggle haha is that what type of dog he is?? If so that is exactly the dog I want!!

    1. Haha thank youu. Yep, you're right! He's a puggle. He is almost 6 months old and in full crazy puppy mode!

  6. Bulmer is so cute! And all your eats look SO delicious! Have a great weekend. :)